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Execellent design tool

Perfect for refactoring design work. Dropped the swift class files from the prototype into the tool and produced a clear design model within 10 minutes. From this a bit of deleting and dragging properties and methods to a simpler architecture was straight forward. And voila - redesign completed in a two hour session ! Plus devSketch files can be added into the xCode project - design is kept with the project and can be versioned ! It’s a good tool ! Thanks so much for sharing this ! By the way - a prior reviewers negative comment about ordering of methods into functional groups would be based upon large overloaded classes. Good class design should already provide grouping and isolation of behavior. This reviewer has 23 years of object development experience on large industrial scale applications.

Would love a swift 2 update

Pretty good app!

Almost usable for real work

DevSketch is a program that would be very productive to use if only the user could control the order of variables and methods within a class. There’s presently no way to do this, and after some email correspondence with the developer, it seems he doesn’t consider it a priority at this point. As it stands, DevSketch forces all properties and methods into alphabetical order. For programmers that are used to structuring code in any kind of conceptual manner, this makes it unusable for any serious work. It is too bad, because it looks like a lot of work went into this app already, and it is very close to being a great tool for serious and efficient development work.

The best $5.00 I ever spent!

I’m a hobby developer and have prototyped an app that I think deserves to go public (if I ever finish it). But morphing what I have into what I want for potential release is a total mess. So I started over. Very discouraging. Then BANG! I found DevSketch. I decided to risk my $5.00. The best $5.00 I ever spent. When you ‘sketch’ with this app, you are programming. As you draw the diagram it develops stub .h and .m files. You choose return types and arg types for the method; it lets you choose appropriate parameters for properties. You choose whether properties and methods are private or public. It puts in IBOutlet and IBAction; it uses up to date objective C for the stubs (i.e., no @syntheses statements). It lets you make class methods. DevSketch compels you to think out what you are doing, and shows you the interconnections as you go. You can put in documentation suitable for DOxygen. DevSketch has features I haven’t tried yet: for example, it helps create categories and protocols and does protocol adoptions. It is easy to learn. and if you don't understand something the developer responds to questions very promptly.

Indispensable for Xcode Developers

If you develop with Xcode you need this neat little application. Map out all your objects, their relationships and dependecies, properties and methods, generate stub code to get started and off you go. Visual, easy to use, intuitive, and it saved me a heck of a lot of routine work right off the bat. Yes, yes, yes, experienced developers (and most any developer) can do all of this by hand. But why should you bother with such a great little tool available? Spend the $4.99, it will be the best five-bucks you’ll invest in your productivity this year.

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